Genies Cafe

Eggs Benedict from Genies Cafe

1101 SE Division St
Portland, OR
(503) 445-9777
Genies Cafe

I”ll be honest I don’t remember how this place got on my list, but it did. I had also read tons of reviews and it gets rave reviews. The only bummer on this day was that the sun was shining and they didn’t have outdoor seating, but not to worry, they have huge windows, so you can still experience all the sun.

When you first walk in you enter what seems like a coffee shop, and a sign that says “Wait to be Seated” with a sign in and no one in sight except for the barista, who pretends your not there. Very Portland, don’t be offended, just do what it says.

Once in, they take you all the back to a whole other part of the restaurant. Immediately entering the restaurant I noticed how loud it was. Noise is not an issue with us, except for today. We literally could not hear each other throughout our meal. It was crazy loud.

Our server came over immediately and asked what we would like. I start with the usual question, stating we have not been here, what is that makes you so popular, what’s good?  His answer was “Pretty much everything.” Ok, that didn’t help. I asked about the Tasso ham benedict, because I had one of these a few months ago in Hood River and Nora’s Table and it was the best thing ever. After not a lot of input I ordered it. My husband settle on a scramble.

Scramble from Genies Cafe on Division

My husbands scramble was great. Nothing earth shattering and nothing I could not have done at home, but it was good. My eggs benedicts were not good. Not good at all. The ham was awful, I couldn’t even eat it. I really hate when meat tastes like it’s been reheated, that taste is not good. Plus, Tasso is a type of cajun cooked ham, and it should taste very different, it’s a spicy, peppery version of ham, this was just bland and bad. I picked it off. The hollandaise sauce was not good either. Over all it was disappointing.

When I was almost finished the guy next to me asked if my meal was good. I told him it was not. His friend jumped right in and said “I told you, their benedicts aren’t very good.” Ok kind sir, where were you 30 minutes ago.

Again, I am sure the locals would think I was crazy for not liking this place.  Like I said, it gets tons of great reviews, but I’m not going back. Just not to my liking. Can’t win them all I guess.

  • Atmosphere was very bright and open, but incredible loud. It really echos in there.
  • Pricing was good, nice and reasonable.
  • Tea was GREAT!!! They served loose leaf, even the best restaurants don’t do that. My husband said the coffee was fine.
  • Service was good. He kept things full, but wasn’t super helpful in what was the best dish there. I figure part of their job is selling the product, if they truly believe in it.
  • Genies Cafe is located on Division Street.

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