Le Pigeon: A Portland Food Adventure

Our beginner course waiting for us when we arrived.

738 E Burnside St
, OR
(503) 546 – 8796
Le Pigeon

I just attended my 2nd Portland Food Adventure and I have to tell you, I am loving these. What is a Portland Food Adventure (PFA) you ask?  It’s a great dining experience. About once a month there is a restaurant that will be the destination. At that restaurant you will have up to 6 courses and nearly 6 drink pairings.  Everything is included in the cost, including tip.  When you leave you will have up to 3 gift certificates to other great Portland Restaurants.

The full menu of the evening.

Let’s get to the most recent one, Le Pigeon. First off I have heard of Garbriel Rucker, he has quite the following.  Tonight was special because we actually got to meet him and talk with him. The guy is great and the part I was most impressed with is he is so young.  He has a great future ahead of him for sure.

The complexity of each of the courses is truly a work of art. There is no way I can explain everything that we ate in great detail, because some of it was so new to me. Another reason to try a PFA.

Tonight there were 6 courses. We started with mussels. They were flavored with a great sauce that included strawberries.  I am kind of new to mussels, and I am really starting to enjoy them. These were no exception.

Layers and layers of flavor in this Nicoise salad

The next course was a Nocoise salad. It had 2 kinds of tuna running through it. The combination of flavors in this was amazing. There were so many things running through it, I didn’t even know what they all were, but I enjoyed them to their fullest.

We were able to tour the kitchen with Gabriel Rucker and see the Romaine Salad being prepared

The 3rd course was their take on a Caesar salad. I’m not a huge fan of Caesar salads, so I was ready to be wowed with something a little different and creative. He did just that. Instead of anchovies he had Bottarga butter vinaigrette.  It was very good, so much so I ate my whole salad.

Another cool thing we got to this evening was go downstairs to the “other” kitchen to see where more of the food prep is done. While we were there they were getting ready to make the salads. Gabriel took us down and showed us the place and answered any questions we had.

Favorite course of the evening. Yes, even with 6 courses you can sometimes pick a favorite.

The Chicken Gnocchi course was my absolute favorite. The chicken was actually inside the gnocchi and the sauce on the outside as filled with mushrooms. I actually broke out the bread for this dish and literally cleaned my bowl. This dish was off the charts amazing and I heard that it’s on the menu on occasion.  I will be back for this dish for sure!!

The sausage stuffed Pork loin was also very, very impressive. It was served with a slice of sourdough bread pudding. The sauce over it had a slight kick.  Another impressive dish with tons of layers of flavors.

Sausage Stuffed Pork Loin. Very impressive dish. Lots of going on in this dish.

The final course was a Foie Gras Profiterole.  I was surprised at the great flavor of this dessert, I mean it is foie gras, I didn’t even know that could be a dessert.  Plus we also had a key lime pie tart. It was just enough tart, but not over the top. It was actually a perfect dessert to end with.

Ending on a sweet note.

Each course had a wine pairing. They were mostly white with one red. It was a real treat to try so many different wines. Also during the meals Chris Angelus of PFA will introduce the chef and his team and talk a bit about the evening.  The evening is a full experience.  Seriously you need to sign up for one of these in the future. This is fine dining done right!

Chris Angelus the brains behind this brilliant dining experience.

I left with give certificates to Paadee, Clarklewis and Heart. For a total of $45.

  • Atmosphere is like sitting in grandmas house. There is tons of open shelving with jars and such and an old fridge. It just felt cozy. The space is small, but cozy.
  • Pricing is on the high side. This is quality gourmet food with tons of flavors going on.
  • Service for the PFA was great.
  • They have a great wine selection. No bar, so I’m assuming no cocktails.
  • Le Pigeon is located on SE Burnside.

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