Some great eats at Gruner

527 SW 12th Ave
Portland, Oregon

Finally we made it to Gruner to try the burger. We were so excited, they seated us, handed us the menu and we quickly realized it wasn’t on the menu. They told us it was only in the bar. Not a problem, take me to the bar. Whew, close call.

We thought we would start with a few appetizers so we got the crisp polenta croquettes stuffed with raclette cheese. I loved these, my husband not quite as much as me, so it was perfect….I got more. I just love the richness of polenta and cheese. We also shared the fried smashed fingerling potatoes, special sauce. These were awesome. I mean they are fried after all, but wow, these were good. Fingerling potatoes have such a creamy sweet taste too.

Finally our burger shows up. It was served with smokey bacon, we chose fontina cheese and a aioli sauce. The potato bun was also very good. A bun is a key component.  The burger was really good, great beef and the toppings accented it, instead of covered it up. We liked it a lot.

The spatzel was creamy and yummy and tossed with ham and mushrooms and crispy shallots.  I really, really like this dish. It was comfort food at it’s best. I also love spatzel.  We spent a few years in Germany and I enjoyed it often there.

  • Atmosphere was very modern, open and bright.
  • Pricing was good on the smaller items, but the entrees were pretty small.
  • Service was great.
  • There were plenty of drink options. I love the wall behind the bar, very cool. Lots of German beers too.
  • Gruner is located off of SW 12th in Downtown Portland

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Disclosure ::  When I go into restaurants I don’t want them to know I am there. Everyone takes pics of their food with their phones, and so do I. If I were to take in a big camera and spend time photographing the food, they might wonder, and to be completely honest, it’s kind of embarrassing.


  1. Last summer I did a quest to find the best burger in Portland. Gruner was pretty high on the list! I want to go back to try their other food.

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