The Pork Belly Castro from Retrolicious

This is a roaming Food Cart

Update: This food cart now roams. Please take time to look them up and find them. You will see from this post where they once were.

I have had my eye on this food cart. I knew that they were settling down soon at Alberta and 23rd. The day they landed I showed up. Yes, I was THAT excited.

I started checking out their menu and began talking to the owner, Kimmy, who is a doll.  Very personable and very much wants you to have great dining experience. After a few questions I knew I was going to have Pork Belly Castro. I had seen it on Facebook, and knew I wanted to try it. My husband couldn’t decide what to get. He saw something being assembled in the back, asked about it, and found that it wasn’t on the menu.  A regular customer had followed them to their new location asked for it. My husband asked if he could try it as well. She was more than happy to let him give it a try.

Kimmy, herself, brought our food out to us and made sure everything was ok and that we were good to go. Love her! I took one bite into my Pork Belly Castro and knew it was the perfect choice. It’s tough with Pork Belly, it can sometimes be way too much fat, but not this one, this was perfect. And the pickled onions were perfect combo and I don’t typically eat raw onions. The bread was even perfect!  Perfect.

This sandwich is titled the Thurston. Although not on the menu that night, we saw it being made and had a special order.

Now my husbands sandwich was huge. The buttermilk fried chicken was huge, yet cooked absolutely perfect. It was super juicy. It was topped with bacon and had a ranch type dressing and also included a cheese. This sandwich is ridiculously good. Our friends that came with us spent some time in Florida and she loves her fried chicken. After one bite she said, “That’s like heaven in a basket.”  It really was that good.

There were so many more things that I want to try, plus she is always changing the menu, so this place will never get old.

I also loved that Kimmy gave us a treat for being first timers to the cart, which were these amazing snickerdoodle cookies. Those are my most favorite cookies anyways, and these were moist, huge and great. (Please note, I never tell people when I am coming, nor do I tell them who I am. I never want special treatment. This was a pure gesture of kindness from the owner.)

  • Atmosphere at this pod is awesome. They have live music often, rain or shine, they have covered dining and they have a fire pit.
  • Pricing is great at about $8.50 a sandwich.  The sandwiches are very large (could be split) and do come with chips, which we did not have room for.
  • Service was great. We felt the love.
  • I didn’t see what drinks they were offering because we were drinking beer from the cart Captured By Porches.
  • Retrolicious is located on NE Alberta and 23rd. (They are no longer here, they are now a roaming food cart)

As of May ’13, also located at this pod is
The Cheese Plate

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