PDX Six Seven One

Shrimp Fritters and Kélaguen Mannok.

Shrimp Fritters and Kélaguen Mannok.

NE Sandy Blvd and 52nd Ave.
Portland, OR
PDX Six Seven One

PDX 671 gets there name from the area code of Guam combined with their current location of Portland. Guam food? I have never had Guam food. I am so glad I sought this place out. Even after I looked over the menu I wasn’t completely sure, but I love to gamble with food. When you try something different, you will most often end up finding great treasures in the food world. Not everything is a win, but it’s always a fun adventure.

These guys were awesome. He answered all my questions and explained everything. I told him I wanted what Guy Fieri ordered, he said “easy enough” and explained to me what it was and any additions I might need. It was the Kélaguen Mannok, which is a Chopped Grilled Chicken *served cold and spicy* with chopped grilled chicken, onions, grated coconut, peppers and lemon.

At this point I was still really fighting this choice because it was a cold chicken salad type dish and even though it was 80 degrees out, I was hoping for something warm, but I ordered it anyways.  I also ordered it with a flat bread or Titiyas, instead of rice, because that’s what Guy Fieri ordered.  I had to keep it exact. I asked to make sure there was nothing else I was missing, and he suggested the Shrimp Fritters.

Kélaguen Mannok - Chopped Grilled Chicken

Kélaguen Mannok – Chopped Grilled Chicken

Oh.My.Word!  It was all crazy good. The Kelaguen Mannok was definitely a spicy dish, but even my son who doesn’t like spicy things was dipping into it. Everyone at the table was in agreement that this dish was fabulous. Now the Shrimp Fritters were also a huge hit and there was definitely a fight over those. We should have gotten 2 orders, but we were sampling a lot of different places, so in the end it was enough. But DON’T MISS these.

Shrimp Fritters with corn, peas and carrots and of course shrimp.

Shrimp Fritters with corn, peas and carrots and of course shrimp.

  • Atmosphere at this pod is much different than most. It’s very open, feeling less cramped even with lots of people. They have a great covered area and a kids play area, plus lots of carts.
  • Pricing was good. I got a large portion for about $7.
  • Service was amazing. They were so very nice!  I even went up and chatted with them after and he sent me home with some Fina’dene’ sauce  to try since I was asking about it.
  • PDX Six Seven One is located in the Rose City Food Carts on Sandy and 52nd.

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