Blues City Biscuits


A hearty plate of biscuits and gravy and a biscuit sandwich

A hearty plate of biscuits & gravy and a biscuit sandwich

4262 SE Belmont
Portland, OR
Blue’s City Biscuits

This place gets the reviews. I really wanted to bring my in laws because they love biscuits and gravy. It’s not a dish I would seek out, but they do. I am also not a huge biscuit fan, so if you specialize in biscuits, make it impressive.

Blues City Biscuits was offering a Mother’s Day special where if you bought an entree you got a second one for half price. We ordered the biscuits & gravy and a biscuit sandwich with ham, egg, gravy and cheese, aka, The Jerry Lee Lewis. My mother in law loved the gravy. I tried it and coming from a girl that grew up on gravy, it was good.

The sandwich was also outstanding. Like I said, I don’t really like biscuits, but these biscuits were out of this world. They were perfectly moist and flakey and they had a great flavor. I literally could have just eaten the biscuit, it was that good, but instead I enjoyed half the sandwich, since I was sharing it. I think they also have smaller biscuits now, which is awesome, because these biscuits are huge.

So good job Blues City Biscuits, you have won over a non biscuit lover and you greatly impressed the in- laws. It was a win, win day for us.

  • Atmosphere at this whole food cart pod is very quaint. There are lots of tables around, plus an open and covered area and a fully enclosed covered area for when weather is not so good.
  • Pricing is good at about $7 an entree, but they are huge biscuits and large servings. This place is cash only.
  • Service was great. The girls were helpful and took good care of us.
  • Blues City Biscuits in located at the Good Food Here pod on Belmont and 43rd.

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