The Honey Pot Bakery – Closed

Raspberry Rhubarb pie with wedding cookies on the side

Raspberry Rhubarb pie with wedding cookies on the side

4262 SE Belmont
Portland, OR
503) 729-4099
The Honey Pot Bakery

This place closed but she is trying to get her cart back. Check out the whole story here about how she lost everything, but is trying to make a comeback.

This place is so dang cute. You can’t help but stop by and look in, and then it’s all over…..Sweet and Savory pies. We entered this pod looking for some good eats and we did find some great eats. We went to Fishbox, Namu and Blues City Biscuits. Even with all that food we knew we were going to enjoy some dessert from The Honey Pot Bakery.

The day we came was Mother’s Day and they were running a special, buy 1 get one Free.  How could we pass that up? Oh, we didn’t stop there, my husband saw the wedding cookies and ordered one of those, being extra greedy, because these are some of my favorite cookies, I held up 2 fingers, “We’ll take 2!”  At this point I’m not even hungry, I just got suckered into the goodness that was overflowing from this cart.

First off the cookies were perfect. I love these cookies, LOVE THEM. I have never, ever made them, and I never ever will. I have no self control over these cookies, they are some of my favorites. I should add that The Honey Pot’s were much bigger than normal. Yay!

Pendleton pie from Honey Pot Bakery food cart

Pendleton pie from Honey Pot Bakery food cart

The pies…..The pies were great. The Raspberry Rhubarb was spectacular. The combo, which I have never had, was a great combo. The pie crust was perfectly flaky and the pie was not overly sweet. It was perfect.

The Pendleton pie was very good, but incredibly rich. I don’t tend to go for these kinds of pies, because they are just too rich for me, but I did want a taste. It was very creamy and even though it did have Pendleton Whiskey in it, it was not a flavor that dominated by any means. Let me tell you, my father in law did not mind that I was domineering the Raspberry rhubarb pie, because he was loving this Pendleton pie.  I am almost sure I saw him licking the plate….it was embarrassing.

Overall this is one of the best dessert food carts I have come across.

  • Atmosphere at this whole food cart pod is very quaint. There are lots of tables around, plus an open and covered area and a fully enclosed covered area for when weather is not so good.
  • Pricing was great. You get a nice sized piece of pie for much cheaper than any restaurant ($3.75), and this is better than most places.
  • Services was spot on. She was really sweet and helpful.
  • The Honey Pot is located at the Good Food Here Pod.

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