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Jackfruit curry from Fiji Indian Curry

Jackfruit curry from Fiji Indian Curry

NE Alberta and 23
Portland, OR
(503) 839-1938
Fiji Indian Curry

After eating at all the other carts at this pod, I knew I had to eat at Fiji Indian Curry. Just so I could say I had eaten at all of them. I normally wouldn’t seek out Indian Curry, but I wanted to at least try it.

Not really knowing what to order and being rather clueless, I just asked. He tried to steer me in the right direction, but after many suggestions he finally looked at me and said,  “Order the Jackfruit Curry.” Done! Thanks for deciding for me.

The special of the day.

The special of the day.

I will be honest there is not a lot of presentation in curry and rice, it’s all in the taste. I was so ready for the taste, especially since it was Jackfruit. I mean, seriously, what IS Jackfruit?  He described it to me, I still wasn’t completely sure what it was, but I am an adventuresome eater, so I was game. It looked like a shredded pork of sorts. I asked for it medium spicy and it was just about right. Not too spicy at all. I really do like curry and I actually thoroughly enjoyed the Jackfruit.

When I go back, and I will definitely go back, I am going to try one of the stir fries. Unless of course it’s the weekend and they have a chickpea curry, I really want to try that. They have a pretty big menu, so get on over and check this place out. Not only a big menu, but a well priced menu. The entree was so large I didn’t even finish my whole meal.

  • Atmosphere at this food cart pod is a happening one. They have fire pit in the middle and a place for bands to come play live music. There is also a beer cart there, so you can wash it all down with Captured by Porches beer.
  • Service was great.
  • Pricing was great.
  • Fiji Indian Curry is located at the Alberta and 23rd Food Cart Pod

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