Pupuseria La Miguelena

You can't miss the sign at this place.

You can’t miss the sign at this place.

8145 SE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR
503 804 3653
Pupuseria La Miguelena

 When I did all my research for Cartlandia, this was the cart I was super excited about. Why you ask? Because it’s different.  It’s authentic home-made food from El  Salvador. I had been to the pod once and seen the big Pupusas sign, but had no idea what it even was, so I didn’t stop. This time, after reading up, I was super excited to try it out.

The pupusas is filled with cheese, a cheese and bean or a cheese and loroco. Loroco is made from a flower that blooms in El Salvador. They are hand made then cooked  on a flat top grill.

papusas from Pupuseria La Miguelena

papusas from Pupuseria La Miguelena

I ordered the Pupusas with cheese and loroco, because I asked, and he said that one was a must. It is amazing that there is something even stuffed inside these things because they are so flat.  Even though they don’t have much going for them in presentation,  the filling was such a surprise when you got a taste of it. I honestly don’t know what it was about these but I loved them. It was so simple, yet spectacular. That’s the only way I can describe it.

I also ordered a tamale wrapped in a banana leaf.  I love tamales and for the most part this was very similar to a mexican tamale except it was tons more moist.  So much so that the tamale breading came apart much easier. The flavor, again was very good. I was so completely happy with this meal.

Tamale wrapped in a banana leaf

Tamale wrapped in a banana leaf

The owners were super kind. I made a point to stop by when I was done to tell them how awesome it was. They were super grateful. They have more things on their menu, so I will need to go back and try more things, but those Pupusas will always be on my plate when I order from them.

  • Atmosphere at this pod is wide open. It’s on the Spring Water trail so you will see bikers. There is outside seating, covered seating and covered enclosed seating for the winter months.
  • Pricing was exceptional. The pupusas were only $2.50 and the tamale was $2.00.
  • Service was great. They were so helpful and made sure I ordered the most authentic pupusa they offered.
  • They had some specialty drinks there, but I didn’t have any. There is also a beer cart at this pod.
  • Pupuseria La Miguelena is located in Cartlandia off of SE 82nd Ave.

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  1. I had these a month ago (not in PDX) and was surprised at how deceivingly thin they are for being stuffed. But, they are certainly delicious!

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