Double Dragon

Bahn Mi from Double Dragon

Pork Belly Banh Mi from Double Dragon

I have this new love of Banh Mi sandwiches. I have had them at Lardo and so I asked you, my readers, where else I could find one of these. I rememeber many saying I could get one at Double Dragon. At that point I added Double Dragon to my must try list, with the note “Banh Mi.”

One night as we were out with friends, we decided to try a new place. I threw out Double Dragon, and everyone agreed. I show up all excited to try their Banh Mi. What I didn’t know is that Double Dragon actually has a whole menu of different Banh Mi’s.  I didn’t know what to do.

We ended up ordering 3 different kinds of Banh Mi’s. We ordered the Pork Belly, Pulled Pork and Meatball. If you don’t know what to do, you just keep ordering right?

Bahn Mi's and Jicima Salad

Banh Mi’s and Jicima Salad

I ordered the meatball Banh Mi because of one I had had previously. There was a little too much sauce for me. The pulled pork had a great sauce and great flavor. The Pork Belly was, by far, the best sandwich that we tried. I would go back and get the pork belly again.

We ordered a large serving of fries with aioli for the table and they were really good. We also got a side of Jicama and sauteed greens. Everything was great.

4 Beers on tap and Double Dragon

4 Beers on tap and Double Dragon

  • Atmosphere was very casual. If I remember correctly it’s a bus your own tables.
  • Service was good. They were helpful.
  • Pricing was about $8-$9 a sandwich, and the sandwiches were large.
  • They had 4 beers on tap, sake and cocktails.
  • Double Dragon is located on Division Street.

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