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Pastrami Hash from the new Bakery Bar

Pastrami Hash from the new Bakery Bar

2935 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR
(503) 477-7779
Bakery Bar

The reason I chose Bakery Bar is because it’s a very cool space. They have a large outdoor seating area, and they recently added even more tables to it. I have watched the breakfast menu and I have kind of kept it on my radar. Then I heard they were getting new owners, so I waited to see what was going to happen. I was kind of bummed we never made it over before the change because the specials always looked fantastic.

Nevertheless, we went for breakfast. There were no eggs benedicts on the menu, and I knew that going down there, but I did see that they had hashes and I love a good hash. As a matter of fact we both do, so we each ordered one. Mine was the Pastrami Hash with a Sirracha sauce.   I did like how they had very thinly sliced potatoes, it kind of made them crunchy and I liked that. There was not a lot of pastrami going on and the sauce on top was a great addition and I liked it.  I will say the overall dish was very small for the price, but the flavors were good.

Smoked salmon hash from the Bakery Bar

Smoked salmon hash from the Bakery Bar

My husband got the smoked salmon hash. Again same great potatoes ( I have not seen anyone else do potatoes like this), and his had a dill sauce on top. It was a great dish, but it too was small for the price. The other thing that I thought was weird is that they never asked how we wanted our eggs. I prefer mine over easy, and I know that grosses some people out, so it seems like a good question to ask. Ours came out over hard, I really don’t like that because, to me, the yolk becomes part of the sauce.

We both left satisfied. I don’t really think the portions needed to be bigger I just think they needed to cost less.  It was a little out of balance. I did notice that they were promoting their pizza on their dinner menu. I wonder if that is their specialty? I guess we will have to wait and see how it plays out. We just might come back and try their pizza some time.

  • Atmosphere is what got us here. A great outdoor seating area.
  • Pricing was a bit high for what you got.
  • Service was great. Our server was helpful, honest and very sweet.
  • They had Risotto Roasters for their coffee and a loose leaf tea. The coffee was a self serve, so you could just keep filling up. My husband appreciates that so he’s not waiting on servers to notice he’s out.
  • Bakery Bar is located on NE Glisan.

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