Ole Latte Coffee

Marking the board with a suspended coffee

Marking the board with a suspended coffee

1003 SW Alder St
Portland, OR
(971) 221-6318
Ole Latte Coffee

The reason I wanted to go check out this coffee joint was not because I couldn’t find any other place to grab coffee. I mean, it’s Portland after all, we have coffee shops within throwing distance of each other. I was on a mission when I stopped at this coffee shop. I wanted to support what Todd at Ole Latte Coffee has brought to Portland.

You see Todd does this thing called Suspended Coffee, which is a pay it forward for someone less fortunate.What that means is after you have selected what it is that you want, you can choose to also purchase a cup for someone in need. It’s not poured at that time, instead it is suspended until that “someone” comes walking by to they see if there is anything there they would like.

Chances are if you go by and check the board you will see more than just coffee suspended. You might even see muffins, scones or even a cookie.  Your generosity is appreciated, because when you choose to suspend an item you also get a 10% discount.

So that…that right there is why I stopped by Ole Latte Coffee. The day we were there we had ordered waffles from Gaufre Gourmet, and even though they had coffee, we said we needed to support Ole Latte Coffee.

You might be wondering how good this coffee is. Well, it’s Ristretto Roasters, which is a great local roaster here in town. It’s fabulous and it’s local. Even though we didn’t try any of his pastries, we did notice that there was a good selection of goodies to choose from. I also have to say that his cart is so cool on the inside. You feel like you are looking inside an actual coffee shop. I really just wanted to ask to go in and maybe even sit down for a bit, because it looked that inviting.

  • Atmosphere is  hustling and bustling at this downtown location.
  • Service is great.
  • Pricing is very comparable to all coffee shops.
  • Ole Latte Coffee is located on 10th & Alder.

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