Carte Blanche

Curry bowl with Coconut Curry

It was….Curry bowl with Coconut Curry

32nd & Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR
Carte Blanche

Let me just start by saying that was dang good. I cannot wait to go back and try it again. It was easily one of the best curry dishes I have ever had. I am starting with this picture to let you know I do have some self control.  As you can see I didn’t actually pick it up and lick the bowl, even though I wanted too.

Let me back up and tell you about this fabulous dish that I devoured. It’s August, and it was starting to rain. A rather cold rain, that I was NOT in the mood for. After looking over the menu I thought this would be a great dish on this gloomy day. It was warm and loaded with tons of fresh veggies and flavors.

Loaded with color, flavor and texture. Presentation was pretty awesome as well.

Loaded with color, flavor and texture. Presentation was pretty awesome as well.

This curry bowl was called I Have a Lot of Feelings and it included fresh green coconut curry from scratch with Thai sweet pork, lamb or crispy glazed tofu, quinoa, kale, roasted squash, fresh corn, seasonal stir fried veggies, crispy shallots, fried garlic, Thai herbs, lime radish and sesame.

Now you can understand the name a little more. There were so many flavors going on. Each one of them complementing the other and making this an outstanding dish. I really wanted the pork, but they were out. She had me get the lamb since I’m not a huge fan of tofu.  Like one of the girls said, the lamb was a perfect addition to this dish. I am sure that tofu would have been great too, for all you tofu lovers out there.

Here is where you get your water, napkins and cups.

Here is where you get your water, napkins and cups.

The girls in there, cooking up a storm, were so dang cute and their cart matched them perfectly. Lots of attention to detail, in making this a place you just want to stop and look at. But let me tell you now, if you stop, you must order. Do not pass by this gem.

They change their menu often, so what I ate might not be on your plate. I just think with how incredible this dish was you can’t go wrong with anything you would order from them. I intend on proving myself right by heading back and taking my friends. I also love that they had gluten free and vegetarian options. My friends will appreciate that.

Needless to say this food cart makes my Favorites List

Update::  I made a trip back and took my daughter, who I knew would love it, and my husband. The menu changes often but I was able to grab a thai curry dish that was very good and just as beautiful as the last one. We also ordered her Mac n Cheese.  It was a little different in that it wasn’t in a  heavy cheese sauce. It was light, loaded with veggies and tons of flavor. We got it in a to go box to bring home to our son, but ended up devouring it.

Mac n Cheese loaded with fall veggies. Amazing!!

Mac n Cheese loaded with fall veggies. Amazing!!

We were stuffed….but then we saw someone order the dessert. Yep, we got that too. How could we pass this up? It’s just so pretty and incredible too.

It was as good as it looks

It was as good as it looks


  • Atmosphere is just so dang cute. The day I came it was raining, but they have covered seating and I was very comfortable. They have since added a fully covered tent with a heater.
  • Service was great. They even bring out your meal, which is nice, so you don’t have to stand in the rain.
  • Pricing was great. At first I thought it was high at $10, but if you look at my empty bowl you can get an idea of how big this bowl is. I was beyond stuffed, but couldn’t stop eating it. It was a larger serving.
  • They had different drinks and free water out front.
  • Carte Blanche is located on Hawthorne Blvd.

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  1. So glad you got a chance to try it. I love this cart. Michael and I both fell in love with the meal we had. I like that they rotate the menu. But at the same time dislike it because I want that chicken dish we had again!!

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