The Woodsman Tavern

Burger from The Woodmans Tavern

Burger from The Woodmans Tavern

4537 SE Division St
Portland, OR
(971) 373-8264
The Woodsman Tavern

It was a last minute decision to head to The Woodsman Tavern, and probably the best decision we made that night. I was impressed just walking in the door and it just kept getting better.

I should preface this post with this: It was my husband’s birthday, so my treat to him was to not make him wait while I photographed every single dish that came out. I hurried and grabbed a few to share. With that said, I guess I will have to go back for more pics. I love my job!

Oysters and Prawns.

Oysters and Prawns.

We decided to order lots of appetizers and side dishes along with a burger. We wanted to sample a lot of things. Oysters are the first thing on the menu and they were fantastic. We were with a friend that didn’t like oysters, so we got a few prawns too. I haven’t had prawns that good in a very long time. After enjoying those 2 things I was ready to plunk down the $90 and order the Grand Seafood platter and call it a meal.  We saw someone order one and it looked very impressive. We just might go back and do that.

Beet Salad

Beet Salad

The beet salad was spectacular.  I love beets, love them. It was the sauce underneath that set this salad apart from all the other beet salads. I tried checking the menu online, and it’s not listed, but whatever it was it was a great combo.

Fries with a Sirachia mayonaise dipping sauce.

Fries with a Siriracha Mayonnaise dipping sauce.

The burger sounded really good, so we ordered that too and an order of fries. I liked the  Siriracha mayonnaise combo. It was very different and addicting. The burger was good sized. The beef was great, and the bun was not too much (I’m not a huge bread eater). Overall it was a good burger, one that I would order again.

We also ordered the deviled eggs, creamy polenta, summer squash, and a ham plate with biscuit. They were all super tasty and I would get them all again. I loved that the food just kept coming and coming. Yet in the end we were just pleasantly full and ready for our concert.

  • Atmosphere is very rustic. Old pics on the walls. Old swivel chairs at the table and lots of wood. I loved the cozy feel it had.
  • Pricing was $7-$11 for small plates and about $25 for entrees.
  • Service was stellar. Our guy was on it and very helpful.
  • The drinks are impressive, especially if you like Whiskey. They also had a good list of beers. They had Pliny the Elder, which is a hard beer to find. The wine list was rather large too.
  • The Woodsman Tavern is located on Division St.

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  1. This place was on my radar before it even opened. I was excited about all the new restaurants opening in the Division area (I used to live over there). But a friend and I went in and we left because we were turned off by the prices. This was awhile ago, though, so maybe they’ve gone down.

    • I don’t know if they have changed. But we only ordered one entree the rest were sides and appetizers and small plates. I will agree it’s not a cheap place, but we got a lot of food.

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