Milo City Cafe

Breakfast from Milo City Cafe

Breakfast from Milo City Cafe

1325 NE Broadway Portland, OR
Milo City Cafe

I am crossing places off my breakfast list. You know my 9 Breakfast places I’m Excited About list.  Just last week I also took Roost off my list. The problem is I take them off my breakfast list, but then find something on their dinner menu, so it’s like an endless list.

All that to say, as I keep working through my list, we finally made it to Milo City Cafe. We heard that there is often a line during the weekend, so we went in early. We got there just before 9:00 on a Saturday and there were still plenty of seats to choose from. If we have a choice, and we did, we always like to sit at the counters so we can watch all the action.

Eggs Benedict from Milo City Cafe

Eggs Benedict from Milo City Cafe

The reason this place was on my list was because they had so many Egg Benedicts to choose from. Just to throw things off they also had a special for the weekend. It was a benedict with a housemade chicken-apple sausage patty draped with sun dried tomato scented hollandaise sauce, all on top of a toasted english muffin. How could I turn that down? Plus our server said it was pretty spectacular. He was right. I liked that they changed up the hollandaise sauce. Our server said their regular hollandasie sauce was really good. I wish I would have asked for a little taste, just to see how it compares with others. If this special was any indication, I’m assuming they are all great. I also loved that it was not a large serving, which is actually good. I was plenty full and very satisfied.

Smoked Salmon Hash

Smoked Salmon Hash

My husband chose the Smoked Salmon Hash. It was laced with big chunks of salmon, crispy potatoes and topped with 2 poached eggs and whipped sour cream. Smoked salmon is always a dish with tons of depth. We both agreed this was a great execution of this entree.

While we were there we also saw another special, it was the corn bread french toast, or something creative like that. It was topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream.  They also serve a Peanut Butter and Jelly French toast and a Monte Cristo. They have tons of savory entrees but many sweet dishes as well. It’s popular, but it’s also open for breakfast 7 days a week. So skip the weekend brunch line (or just go early enough) and go during the week.

The one thing I don’t like about sitting at the counters is that it’s embarrassing to take pics. Sorry these are not the best, but you get the idea.

  • Atmosphere was a classy diner feel.
  • Service was spectacular. We talked to 6 different people that helped us in some way. Whether filing our coffee, taking our dishes, running our card or taking our order. We joked when we left that we had been over served.
  • Pricing was great for a  Portland brunch at about $8-$10.
  • Their tea was Stash and the coffee was Boyd.
  • Milo City Cafe is located on NE Broadway

Just be warned, I will be making more lists because it gets me excited to visit places.  Feel free to finish my list before I do, just report in.

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  1. ooooooooh this looks good. Never heard of the place. Loving all your suggestions.

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