Helser’s on Alberta

Peppered Bacon and cheddar hash from Helser's on Alberta.

Peppered Bacon and cheddar hash from Helser’s on Alberta.

1538 NE Alberta St
Portland, OR
(503) 281-1477
Helser’s on Alberta

I have a list of places that I am super excited about trying for breakfast. It just so happens that all but one left on my list does only weekend brunches. So when we had an early morning, weekday run to the airport I decided it was time to try Helser’s on Alberta. Which is also on my list, just another list.

It was nice to go during the week because we almost had the place to ourselves. I already knew they had eggs benedicts and I also had read about the french toast. I am glad we had our son with us, because he loves french toast and I think he’s a pretty good judge of finding a decent french toast. While we were checking the menu over we started with drinks. I of course got the tea, and was surprised when it came out in a little french press. I have not seen loose leaf done this way in restaurants, let alone one that falls more in the diner category as opposed to upscale gourmet restaurant.  All that to say…Nice touch Helser’s!

Eggs Benedict from Helser's on Alberta

Eggs Benedict from Helser’s on Alberta

My eggs benedict came with sauteed spinach and ham, but this one was served on a crumpet. Crumpets are similar to an english muffin, but they have more holes in them really holding the flavor. You can imagine how good this was with the hollandaise sauce oozing down into the crumpet. Great execution on the eggs benedicts.

My husband got the Pepper bacon and cheddar hash. He thought it was ok. What they do at Helser’s is they do actual hash browns. You know, where they fry up already cooked potatoes. Most places do a fried or roasted potato, so these were authentic hashbrowns, and he didn’t like that as much. I liked it. I liked they they had lots of crispy edges to them too.

The french toast from Helser's on Alberta

The french toast from Helser’s on Alberta

My son did settle on the french toast. They use a brioche bread, which is a much lighter and maybe airier bread, so the french toast tends to not be so dense. I share this with you because I could not figure out why it was so light, and so was the one we got at Cafe Nell the other day. Nonetheless, it was great and ginormous. I couldn’t figure out how to get a picture to show how big it really was. I finally told my son to stick his head in there so you can see that the slices are literally as big as his head. Oh, and there were 3 slices. This is my far the best value for your money.

Literally french toast as big as your head at Helser's on Alberta

Literally french toast as big as your head at Helser’s on Alberta

  • Atmosphere is that of a typical diner. It was super bright from all the windows, but a very neutral space other than that.
  • Prices were very affordable at about $8-$9 for entrees that are large. Yes you can share here.
  • Service was great. They kept everything full, including my french press with hot water.
  • They have breakfast cocktails and great tea & coffee.
  • Helser’s on Alberta is located right on Alberta. (I know, the name gives it away.)

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