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The Woody Royale from Tilt

The Woody Royale from Tilt

1355 NW Everett St
Portland, OR
(503) 894-9528

Having never been to Tilt and only seeing pictures of the burgers I wasn’t exactly sure what we would be in for, except for the big burger part, I knew that was going to happen. First off I was surprised by the industrial look of the place. Nothing fancy going on here, yet pretty cool at the same time.

You walk up to the counter and place your order. Once you have done that they give you a device that flashes when your food is ready for pick up. Grab your utensils and napkins and make your way to a table. It’s mostly set up community seating style, so don’t be afraid to make a new friend here.

The Big Tilt burger from Tilt.

The Big Tilt burger from Tilt.

The menu is pretty big with lots of options of toppings, but if you look in the top left hand corner you will also see that they have the basic burger or cheese burger. I’m sure people order those, but not us on this day. We read through the descriptions extensively and made our choices. I of course chose one with a fried egg on it, AKA the Tilt Burger. It also had the Tilt sauce, bacon, cheese and the part I missed, 2 patties.  Yep, 2 patties. This reminded me of a burger we used to order back in the day in Eastern Oregon. It was well executed, plus it was kind of a comfort food for me. I would definitely get this one again, I would just ask that someone share it with me.

My husband and son both wanted to try the Woody Royale, since they both love BBQ. They changed this one up a bit with a house made jalapeno BBQ slaw, with the prime rib, bacon, onion rings and of course a big beef patty. This burger should have been called the Tilt burger, because it was leaning big time it was so big. This one had tons of flavor running through it. The guys loved this burger.

My daughter tends to like things with a Mexican flare to them, so she chose the Carne Jefe, with jalapenos, avocados, cilantro, cheese and squeeze of lime. I tried it and I thought it was ok, she really enjoyed it. I did like how different it was from mine, as a matter of fact they were all very different. I didn’t get a good picture, but her’s was a much more manageable size.

We also chose 2 sides of fries to share and a side of tater tots. The we ordered 6 cheese tots and he explained that they cheese is what holds them together. They were mighty tasty, and large enough that 6 was enough for us with our fries.

What is your favorite Tilt Burger?

  • Atmosphere was very blue collar industrial, which is their theme. Tables made of concrete and extra stools that can be pulled up to any table in case you are short a seat or two. Huge bar with a ping pong table.
  • Pricing was about $10 on average for a burger, although the Woody Royale was $13 and this does not include fries, they were $3.50. For four of us it was $55 with no drinks.
  • Service was good. They were helpful at the counter, but you cleaned your own tables when you were done.
  • They had soda and a good beer selection. If you go around to the other side you can even get a cocktail.
  • Tilt is located in the Pearl, and their original location is on Swan Island.

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  1. Big fan of Tilt! Actually having happy hour there today. Happy hour is going to consist of pies and banana cake.

  2. Wow, that burger! How do you even eat it!!?!?


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