Octopus Bruchetta

Octopus Bruchetta

555 NW 12th Ave
Portland, OR
(503) 228-6161

Happy Hour is always a treat for us. I love the idea of cheap eats, with great food. We usually never make it time to enjoy the acclaimed Happy Hour. On this day the only good thing that came out of my sprained ankle was my husband had to drive me to my meeting, with the agreement I would feed him first. Done!

I remember from years past these great little tacos at Oba! Since it had been so long since we had these, we decide to head back. It was a chilly, chilly night and we were welcomed by this warm, cozy bar. We went as far back as we could to avoid any bitter cold air.  No hot toddy on this day, I wanted an ice cold beer, go figure.

We were there pretty much as soon as they opened and we had the place to ourselves and great customer service since there was no rush.  She walked us through a few of her favorites, plus things that caught our eye and here is what we ended up with.

Pictured at the top was the Octopus Bruchetta. If you remember, I recently went out the girls and ordered grilled octopus and my husband was bummed that he missed out. When he saw it on the menu he was excited to get it.

Chicken Tacos from Oba! Happy Hour Menu

Chicken Tacos from Oba! Happy Hour Menu

The chicken tacos were really good. Lots of flavor in these little tacos. They came with 2 kinds of sauces. A smokey salsa and a creamy salsa verde.

Fish Tacos from Oba's Happy Hour menu

Fish Tacos from Oba’s Happy Hour menu

I was excited to see these on the menu because I love fish tacos.  They were heaped clear full and even though they didn’t need any additions these were also served with the smokey salsa.

Arapas with Yukatan and braised pork

Arepas with Yucatan pork

This Arepas with Yucatan Pork caught my attention as soon as read about it. Our server let us know that was a favorite of hers.  This was by far my most favorite item of the night. As a matter of fact I didn’t share very well, I ate most of it. And yes, it was a pretty as it looks.

We also got the Chicken Empanada, which was fantastic. This too was a favorite of the night. Since both of the tacos came with dipping sauces, so we grabbed a basket of chips and it completed this happy hour.

  • Atmosphere in the bar is really cozy, even though it’s big.
  • Service was stellar.
  • Pricing was $5-$6 for each of the items that we ordered.
  • They had some good cocktails, but the beer selection was a little lacking. I still managed to find something to enjoy.
  • Oba! is located in the Pearl.

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