Shut Up and Eat

Great sandwich shop

Great sandwich shop

3848 SE Gladstone St
Portland, OR
(503) 719-6449
Shut Up and Eat

Finally I made it to Shut Up and Eat. They post great pics and people really talk about this place, so I knew we needed to get there. I’m pretty sure it’s this place that shared a picture of a city bus stopping in front of their place, the driver got out, ordered a sandwich and then got back on the bus and drove away. (There is not stop here and apparently no place to park a bus.) A big plus too, is this place actually works really well for my Cheap Eats series and I’ll tell ya why. It’s priced really well, and the sandwiches are HUGE.

I really wanted to go for a breakfast sandwich because I heard they made their English Muffins in house. Luckily they serve the breakfast sandwiches all day. After a few questions and suggestions I settle on the Butternut Squash, Egg and Maple Sausage sandwich. My husband got the Italian Grinder because I told him he had too.  Everyone talks about this sandwich, and I knew he would like it. Plus I wanted a bite.

Breakfast sandwich from Shut Up and Eat

Breakfast sandwich from Shut Up and Eat

We sat up at the counter so we could watch the hustle and bustle of things and let me tell you, this place cranks out the sandwiches. In no time at all we received ours. My breakfast sandwich was a very manageable size. I loved the slightly sweet that came from the butternut and how it complemented the maple sausage. The homemade English Muffin was good too. Very dense, but very good.

Italian Grinder

Italian Grinder

The Italian Grinder was anything but manageable. This thing was huge! Not only was it big, it was loaded with  Mortadella, genoa salami, copocollo, sopressatta, prosciutto, pepper ham, provolone, asiago, parm, olive pepper relish, roasted bell peppers, olive oil, lettuce & tomato.  What makes it a Grinder is grilling the meats and toasting the whole sandwich. HUGE!!!  The Grinder was $9 or $11 with a side. You could easily share this sandwich and a side with a buddy and walk away with lunch for two for just $11.

  • Atmosphere is a small bustling sandwich shop. Not a lot of tables, but we seemed to find someone leaving as we were wanting to sit down.
  • Service was good. As usual we asked lots of questions and they steered us in the right direction.
  • Pricing was great. Sandwiches are $9 and breakfast sandwiches are just $6.50. Add a side to a sandwich for just $2 more.
  • Drinks were beer, wine and cocktails.
  • Shut Up and Eat is located in SE Portland.

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  1. Shut up and eat says:

    Thanks for coming to check us out!!!!!

  2. They have GREAT sandwiches! Thanks for the reminder. It’s been awhile!

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