Cheese and Crack Snack Shop

Beautiful Cheese Plate from Cheese and Crack

Beautiful Cheese Plate from Cheese and Crack

22 SE 28th Ave
Portland, OR
(503) 206-7315
Cheese & Crack Snack Shop

I’m a sucker for presentation and it was photos of their presentation that won me over. I mean look at that! How impressive is that? And it’s part of my Cheap Eats series. That makes it even better. Cheese and Crack is a food cart gone brick and mortar. I never made it out to their cart even though I had intentions to get there. I do love that I was able to order drinks with my cheese plate, so maybe waiting wasn’t so bad after all.

I kind of wished I had a photo of their stuff ready and loaded so all I would have to do is say, “I want that”. Instead I fumbled through the menu trying to figure out what looked like what I had seen on Instagram. (I know I should have just stopped and searched right there.)  I asked a few questions, but ultimately the decision was up to me. I won’t lie, I really like it when they have an absolute favorite or their best of, just tell me and have me order that. Not on this day. So I just pointed and ordered. Even though it was noon we decided to order a beer because they had my favorite beer on tap, Pfreim Blonde IPA.  I have no self control when I see that on tap. Now my husband had seen the sandwich special and decided he wanted to try that. It was made with Tails & Trotters Pork. You see there stuff all over town, so you know that has to be a great sandwich.

I was seriously so happy when my cheese plate arrived. They have completely nailed it with presentation. I had chose the Cascadia Cloud Cap and the Brie brûlée. As you can see there was a generous serving of cheese, which I appreciated.  Because there were so many things on the plate I asked him if he would tell me what everything was. Yes, I know there were only 2 kinds of cheese, but what was the rest. He pointed out the cheeses and nothing else really. What I didn’t know is that one of the “cookie stacks” was actually crackers, but I didn’t realize that until the end of my meal after I had run out of bread. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my meal immensely. I tried all of it in all combinations possible.

Ham Sandwich from Cheese and Crack

Ham Sandwich from Cheese and Crack

My husbands sandwich was delicious. Tails and Trotters has great meat and Cheese and Crack created a perfect sandwich combination out of it. It might not look like much from the pictures, but it was fabulous. I almost wanted to order one myself. Next time I guess.

  • Atmosphere is very minimalist and I loved it. The big sign on the wall with all the offerings was quite a statement in this little place.
  • Service was ok.
  • Pricing for all entrees was $6-$9. One entree was $11, so it’s priced really well.
  • They did offer beer and wine.
  • Cheese and Crack is located in SE Portland.

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