P’s & Q’s Market

Food, Groceries and let's not forget the beer

Food, Groceries and let’s not forget the beer

1301 NE Dekum St
Portland, OR
(503) 894-8979
P’s & Q’s Market

As I pointed this place out, my husband drove right on by. I made him turn around and head back. I had read great things about this place and I wanted to check it out even if it didn’t meet his “fancy” standards. Crazy guy, he should trust me by now. I should let you know that it doesn’t look bad and it’s not in a bad part of town, it’s more nondescript. That all changes once you walk in the door. This place is so cute and my mom would love it. Off in the corner as you walk in is a little market with a few essentials you might need. It feels like you have stepped back in time, yet you have some great new offerings like Portland Ketchup. There were tubs full of dried beans and rice and such that you could purchase in bulk. So cute!

A little market tucked inside the restaurant

A little market tucked inside the restaurant

Finally once were done gawking there we made our way to the counter and we were greeted with a smile and even some great suggestions. We were also greeted by this great aroma that we all asked about. She told us it was their brisket sandwich and it was fantastic. Good enough for us, we took 2. My daughter and I decided to split a Chickpea sandwich and a Salad Special.

Get the Brisket they said

“Get the Brisket” they said

The Brisket sandwich was great and it must be a popular item because we saw many others come out while we were there and when I posted my sandwich on my Instagram page, others said I needed to try the brisket as well. So there you have it. If you are there on a day that they have brisket, order it.

Unless of course….

The Chickpea sandwich catches your eye.

Chickpea sandwich

Chickpea sandwich

I love chickpeas. LOVE THEM. I will sit down and eat a whole can in one sitting. I will eat them while dipping chips in hummus.  Yep, it’s true. So when I saw this sandwich I knew I needed to try it. I was surprised when it came out that it was a hot sandwich. The flavors in this sandwich were stupendous. I got it to share with my daughter, but I really wanted the whole thing. Vegetarian or not, try this sandwich.

Special salad of the day.

Special salad of the day.

The salad special of the day was not only loaded with flavors it was huge. I not only shared it with my daughter, we ended up sharing it with the whole table. I was also surprised to see 3 big guys all order this salad and a beer for their lunch. Yep, it was great.

I grew up in a tiny town in Eastern Oregon. This place reminded me of something you might find as the only store/restaurant in town. It’s like the locals near P’s&Q’s Market might not even want others to know about this place because it’s theirs, and it’s cute and it’s fantastic.

  • Atmosphere feels like you have stepped back in time. It’s charming, cute and comfortable.
  • Prices were under $10, making this a great Cheap Eats with great food.
  • Service was beyond pleasant. The girl behind the counter was dang cute as she greeted us with a big smile and many suggestions.
  • They had beer on tap, but we all got water, so I didn’t pay much more attention to what else they had.
  • P’s & Q’s Market is located off of Dekum St.

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  1. Nate Nielsen says:

    The staff here sucks. Not worth the attitude and disrespect.

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