Happy Sparrow Cafe

Happy Sparrow serving Coffee and Kolaches

Happy Sparrow serving Coffee and Kolaches

3001 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR
(503) 445-0231
Happy Sparrow Cafe

We actually had friends that told us we needed to stop at this place. Funny thing is we had walked past it the week before when we were leaving Accanto.  Not knowing what it was, my husband poked his head in and asked what Kolaches were.  They are dough stuffed with all kinds of goodies. You have your sweet options like Poppyseed and cinnamon (the way the Czech’s make them) all the way to savory with Ham & Cheese and Smoked Salmon with cream cheese and capers (the way the Texan’s make them).

We were intrigued, but full from breakfast. Fast forward a few weeks [Read more...]

Lauretta Jean’s

Lauretta Jean's for breakfast

Lauretta Jean’s for breakfast

3402 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 235-3119

For those of you that have passed by Lauretta Jean’s because it’s just a pie shop, I need to know what were you thinking?  It’s PIE!   Second, it’s not just a pie shop, there is so much more or at least I had heard. I was on a mission to find out. This place is just darling, so I chose to invite Debbie from Sweet Bliss to join me. I knew she would enjoy the atmosphere way more than my husband, which she did by the way. [Read more...]

Bare Bones Cafe

Chorizo and Egg Tacos

Chorizo and Egg Tacos

2908 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR
(503) 719-7128
Bare Bones Cafe

I was told I needed to go down and try the breakfast sandwiches at Bare Bones Cafe.  I grabbed a friend and we made our way over to check out these goodies. Once I was there I began to ask about the menu. It was then that I was told I also needed to try the Chorizo And Egg Breakfast Tacos with a lime sauce.  Not knowing what to do, [Read more...]

Accanto for Brunch

Breakfast is the only meal you can start with dessert first and no one questions you.

Breakfast is the only meal you can start with dessert first and no one questions you.

2838 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR
(503) 235-4900


This is another place that I had eaten dinner at, but I had never done breakfast. Once I remembered they were offering breakfast I quickly add them to 9 Breakfast Places I Am Excited About. The location is great, the space is great, all I needed to find out now was if the breakfast was great too. [Read more...]

Olympic Provisions SE

Olympic Provisions SE has a great brunch menu

Olympic Provisions SE has a great brunch menu

107 SE Washington St
Portland, OR
(503) 954-3663
Olympic Provisions

This was our second visit to Olympic Provisions, but just our first visit to the SE location. I added it to my list 9 Breakfasts I’m Excited About just so I could checkout the other space.  I have to say I loved this location. It truly feels like a hidden gem, mostly because it’s really hidden. You aren’t even really sure you are entering into the right door of what feels like a warehouse, but it leads right to it. Inside it’s truly a Portland restaurant with it’s funky look that is all it’s own. A wall of [Read more...]

Lucca for Brunch

Brunch at Lucca in NE Portland.

Brunch at Lucca in NE Portland.

3449 NE 24th Ave
Portland, OR
(503) 287-7372

Dinner at this place is fabulous, so when I heard they were serving brunch on Sunday I knew it would be good, but I needed to find out for sure. I did a little Facebook stalking and found that they do have Eggs Benedict so I was set. I always look over the menu, you know, just in case. He did say that they had cinnamon rolls right out of the oven. [Read more...]



The antler chandelier makes a statement at Trinket.

The antler chandelier makes a statement at Trinket.

2035 SE Cesar E Chavez Blvd
Portland, OR
(503) 477-4252

 Trinket was another place I have had my eye on for quite some time. Even as I write this they are still fairly new, having just opened early September. The menu, although small, intrigued me. Quite a few savory dishes and a few sweet dishes too. Plus the weekend specials thrown in to mix it up a bit.

As we entered we were greeted by a very charming space with antlers as a chandelier and dark wood throughout. The space is really small, but very inviting. This used to be home to the [Read more...]

Best of Portland Dining 2013

My very first experience with Beef Tartar

My very first experience with Beef Tartare

I have discovered many new places this year. This is a list of some of my favorites that I ate at this year for the very first time. Having visited over 100 restaurants and food carts combined for the first time, it’s hard narrowing down my favorite, so I broke down my favorites into categories. [Read more...]

Helser’s on Alberta

Peppered Bacon and cheddar hash from Helser's on Alberta.

Peppered Bacon and cheddar hash from Helser’s on Alberta.

1538 NE Alberta St
Portland, OR
(503) 281-1477
Helser’s on Alberta

I have a list of places that I am super excited about trying for breakfast. It just so happens that all but one left on my list does only weekend brunches. So when we had an early morning, weekday run to the airport I decided it was time to try Helser’s on Alberta. Which is also on my list, just another list.

It was nice to go during the week because we almost had the place to ourselves. I already knew they had eggs benedicts and I also had read about the french toast. I am glad we had our son with us, because he loves french toast and I think he’s a pretty good judge of finding a decent french toast. While we were checking the menu over we started with drinks. I of course got the tea, and was surprised when it came out in a little [Read more...]

Eating, Shopping & Walking My Way Thru St. Johns

Crossing over St. Johns Bridge

Crossing over St. Johns Bridge

We’ve all seen pics of the bridge. Maybe even been over the bridge, but I have to say, I have never walked down to Cathedral Park or shopped through the quaint town of St. John, which is basically north Portland. I kept saying to my husband, “I feel like I’m a tourist in my own town.”  Quite frankly, I liked being a tourist that day. Our first stop was [Read more...]


Brunch at Ataula

Brunch at Ataula

1818 NW 23rd Pl
Portland, OR
(503) 894-8904

This hidden gem will not stay hidden for long. Things are going to start getting crazy, so do yourself a favor and get on over there while there are still seats available.  I will say this so you can skip the whole review and just take in the pics.  It was off the charts fabulous, one of the bests breakfasts we have had in a long time. It’s not [Read more...]


Beautiful and flavorful Eggs Benedict

Beautiful and flavorful Eggs Benedict

1411 NE Broadway
Portland, OR
(503) 360-1048

This place caught our eye one day when we were out. It sits down in a little driveway, so it’s kind of tucked back. Yet the sign up front lets you know it’s there. We were there on a beautiful November morning and there were people sitting out on the patio, some under heaters, and some just bundled up and all of them enjoying themselves.

When breakfast menus contain both both hashes and eggs benedicts, we know this place is for us.  For those of you that like the sweet dishes, they also have french toast on the menu, but it’s always changing with seasons as to what flavor is. The day we were there it was Gingerbread French Toast. We went with friends, so it was fun to see 4 different entrees. I have to say, we all had very different experiences this day. Read on, you will see what I mean. [Read more...]

Milo City Cafe

Breakfast from Milo City Cafe

Breakfast from Milo City Cafe

1325 NE Broadway Portland, OR
Milo City Cafe

I am crossing places off my breakfast list. You know my 9 Breakfast places I’m Excited About list.  Just last week I also took Roost off my list. The problem is I take them off my breakfast list, but then find something on their dinner menu, so it’s like an endless list.

All that to say, as I keep working through my list, we finally made it to Milo City Cafe. We heard that there is often a line during the weekend, so we went in early. We got there just before 9:00 on a Saturday and there were still plenty of seats to choose from. If we have a choice, and we did, we always like to sit at the counters so we can watch all the action. [Read more...]

Tasty n Alder

Tasso Hash

Tasso Hash

580 SW 12th Ave
Portland, OR
(503) 621-9251
Tasty n Alder

Yes Tasty n Alder has been on my list. This place, like Tasty n Sons, is crazy popular and I have never really wanted to wait for a table, even though I knew it was going to be good. We rolled the dice and went down on a weekday morning and you know what? No line and lots of tables. I even suggested a table I wanted next to the window and they were happy to let us do that.

Having been to Tasty n Sons just recently we knew that their Chocolate potato donuts were really good. That was our dinner dessert there, but today, they were about to become our breakfast appetizer. [Read more...]

9 Breakfast Places I’m Excited About


Veggie Benedict at The Egg Carton

Eggs Benedict is my breakfast of choice.

I was asked recently what places were on my list. Well, my whole entire list is like 70+ places long, but my breakfast list is a little shorter.  I am such a nerd when it comes to looking for places to eat. I read reviews, I have my Breakfast in Bridgetown book out for some guidance and I follow restaurants on Facebook. I like to think of it as research. So after digging, looking and drooling….I bring you my breakfast list:: [Read more...]



Danish Pancake

2508 SE Clinton St
Portland, OR
(503) 736-3333

After looking over the menu I would have said there is no way I’m going. I mean it looked ok, different, but ok. And the wait for this place…I really wondered if it was worth it.

We kept getting recommendations from people, and the persuasion of one reader that knew we needed to go, is what finally made us get in line.  By that I seriously mean, get in line. The place opens at 9am. We rolled up just before 9am and the line was out the door. A guy comes through asking how many people in your party.  We say 2 and he takes off. As the doors open you are directed to your seat. We grabbed the [Read more...]

Word of Mouth Makes Special and Names it After Me

Eggs Benedict from Word of Mouth

Eggs Benedict from Word of Mouth

When you get a notification that a special has been named after you at one of our favorite restaurants the only thing to do is go check it out. Right? Even if that means getting up at the crack of dawn and making a trek to Salem.

You see it’s heirloom tomato season. These are by far the best tomatoes ever. Becky, from Word of Mouth, out does herself with specials when tomato seasons comes along. It truly is the best time to visit her place.  Last year she took the tomatoes, gave them a panko [Read more...]

Breken Kitchen

Great open space

Great open space

1800 NW 16th Ave. (at Thurman)
Portland, OR
Breken Kitchen

I was meeting up with someone for breakfast. We wanted some place new, but not down in the hustle and bustle of downtown(Sometimes, I like a little slower pace). After some research I came up with this place. We decided on a meeting time and we were all set. Then I put it into Google maps, and I was a little concerned. I was afraid I was taking us to [Read more...]

Bakery Bar-CLOSED

Pastrami Hash from the new Bakery Bar

Pastrami Hash from the new Bakery Bar

2935 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR
(503) 477-7779
Bakery Bar

The reason I chose Bakery Bar is because it’s a very cool space. They have a large outdoor seating area, and they recently added even more tables to it. I have watched the breakfast menu and I have kind of kept it on my radar. Then I heard they were getting new owners, so I waited to see what was going to happen. I was kind of bummed [Read more...]

Kenny & Zukes Deli Bar

Corned Beef Hash from Kenny & Zukes Deli Bar

Corned Beef Hash from Kenny & Zukes Deli Bar

3901 N Williams Ave
Portland, OR 97212
Kenny & Zukes Deli Bar

We have been to Kenny & Zuke’s Deli in Downtown Portland for both breakfast and dinner and loved what we ordered.  Best Eggs Benedicts in Portland if you ask me. I knew by going to the Deli Bar that we would not have eggs benedicts as an option, but with this place it doesn’t matter. They make their own pastrami and it’s what they are known for, so just make sure you order something with pastrami or Corned Beef. I love their corned beef as well.

One of the things we had gotten in the past was [Read more...]

Brunch at Verde Cocina

Gringas con Mole at Verde Cocina

Gringas con Mole at Verde Cocina

6446 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR
(503) 384-2327
Verde Cocina

I am a huge fan of Verde Cocina. We first discovered them a few months ago, in the Pearl, and enjoyed their Happy Hour and some dinner. I just love that every dish is filled with veggies. They gather whatever is in season and add it to their dishes with a Mexican flair.  Ever since we went for the Happy Hour I knew [Read more...]

Gaufre Gourmet

The ABC Waffle from Gaufre Gourmet

The ABC Waffle from Gaufre Gourmet

SW 9th and Alder, Portland
(503) 505-0232
Gaufre Gourmet

The first time I heard about this food cart was at the Portland Summer Food Cart Festival, where I was a judge.  Not only did I love their stuff, we chose their waffle as the overall winner of at the Festival. It was was the Spicy Goat that won that day. I only got a partial piece of the waffle (I had to share it with the other judges), but I have dreamed of the day that I would make my way downtown and get myself one WHOLE Spicy Goat waffle. [Read more...]

Fried Egg I’m In Love

Two great sandwiches from Fried Egg I'm In Love

Two great sandwiches from Fried Egg I’m In Love

43rd and SE Belmont
Fried Egg I’m In Love

Seriously this is the best name for a food cart. Especially since I LOVE fried eggs. I pretty much eat one every day, because I like my eggs. The only thing I could possibly like more than my own eggs, scrambles and frittatas is someone wowing me with a fried egg sandwich.

I asked the guy working which sandwich I should order.  He said either the Yolko Ono or the Sriracha Mix-A-Lot. As I looked at the two I was leaning towards [Read more...]

Word of Mouth AGAIN!

Seafood Eggs Benedicts

Seafood Eggs Benedicts

140 17th St NE
Salem, OR
(503) 930-4285
Word of Mouth Bistro

There are 2 things I really enjoy. Going to Word of Mouth in Salem and Sharing the love. Read on to find out exactly what I mean by “Sharing the Love”.

If you have never been to Word of Mouth here is something you should know. The lines get long and it’s totally worth the wait. TOTALLY worth the wait. I have waited, with a party of 6, for an hour, and every person in our party was completely [Read more...]

Slappy Cakes


Cooking your own pancakes

Cooking your own pancakes

4246 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR
(503) 477-4805
Slappy Cakes

So why would you go out to eat at a restaurant where you have to cook your own food? We had done it before years ago when we lived in Germany at this place called Di Kartoffel.  It was a very special treat. We liked the concept and even though we cooked our own steak, it was outstanding. We always took our friends and family when they came to visit and it got rave reviews every time.

Fast forward 20 years and we decide to try the same concept with pancakes. [Read more...]

Portland Food and Crack Cocaine

Eggs Bennie in the front and FoPo in the back.

Eggs Bennie in the front and FoPo in the back from The Egg Carton.

Paul Gerald from Breakfast in Bridgetown interviewed me awhile back. It was so great meeting him and talking about food. He shared some of his favorites and I shared many of mine. You can tell by the interview that we did have a lot of fun doing this.

By the way his breakfast book is a great tool to have on hand when you are searching for some good breakfast options.  I have one and have literally poured over it looking for suggestions on places to go.  I have it bookmarked, dog eared and notes in it.

I spare you all the details. I just talked about Portland food and crack cocaine.  You know, all good things.

Head over to Breakfast in Bridgetown and listen to the podcast.  He starts with a chef from Olympic Provision, which is a place I love by the way, and then I am towards the end.



Kenny & Zuke’s Delicatessen

Corned Beef Hash

1038 Southwest Stark Street
Portland, OR
(503) 222-3354
Kenny & Zuke’s

 Original review from November ’12

I had a hankerin’ for Corned Beef Hash.  I began to check through Yelp and saw this place come up a few times.  We have not been here before, because I kind of wrote it off as a sandwich shop. Yes, I was mistaken.

I always read completely through menus to make sure both of us would enjoy a place, so I knew going in I was getting the Corned Beef Hash.  My husband quickly saw the Pastrami Hash. And to be honest having not been here I wasn’t completely sure what the specialty was. But it’s pretty easy to figure out when you look up at the sandwich board [Read more...]


Pork chop with polenta and artichokes

Pork chop with polenta and artichokes

830 N Shaver
Portland, OR 97227

After enjoying a great breakfast we knew we needed to get back and see if the dinner was as impressive as the breakfast. Armed with another Groupon we made reservations and gave it a try.

We started with a bread salad with grilled summer squash. It was fantastic. It even had [Read more...]

Songbird Cafe

Dungeness Crab cakes with eggs, drizzled with Roasted Red Pepper sauce

6839 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR
(503) 477-6735
Songbird Cafe

Update: We made it back for dinner, review is at the bottom of this post!

I feel like when I share this, I am letting you in on a little secret place, like maybe I should whisper or something.  Hopefully the locals won’t mind me sharing this find. Songbird Cafe is a cute cafe in SE Portland, in a great area near Mt. Tabor. It really felt like we had discovered the local breakfast place that also has a great happy hour and dinner. And let’s not forget lunch. We went for breakfast, but we checked out all the menus.

I ordered the Dungeness Crab cakes with eggs and they were [Read more...]

Blues City Biscuits


A hearty plate of biscuits and gravy and a biscuit sandwich

A hearty plate of biscuits & gravy and a biscuit sandwich

4262 SE Belmont
Portland, OR
Blue’s City Biscuits

This place gets the reviews. I really wanted to bring my in laws because they love biscuits and gravy. It’s not a dish I would seek out, but they do. I am also not a huge biscuit fan, so if you specialize in biscuits, [Read more...]


A little sampling of everything.

3200 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, OR
(503) 963-8000

This place reminds a bit of Cheers. As we sat there we watched the staff say “Hi” to people as they walked in, give them hugs, and check on them.  Not just a few couples, but quite a few couples.  This is a neighborhood hang out for sure.

Don’t worry I told him we had never been there before and he gave us a good amount of attention too, no hugs, but at least we didn’t feel left out.

I went to get the Eggs Benedict. I heard they were so lemony that they warn you before you order them. [Read more...]

The Wildflower Grill

Crab Eggs Benedict from Wildflower Grill in Lincoln City. Look at the toast at the top of the picture to see how thick it is.

4150 N Hwy 101
Lincoln City, OR
(541) 994-9663
Wildflower Grill

After leaving Pacific City and heading home we decided for a little detour through Lincoln City for breakfast. I did some research and liked what we saw. Before we fully committed we checked the menu and it had 4 Eggs Benedicts on the menu, “Heck [Read more...]

Genies Cafe

Eggs Benedict from Genies Cafe

1101 SE Division St
Portland, OR
(503) 445-9777
Genies Cafe

I”ll be honest I don’t remember how this place got on my list, but it did. I had also read tons of reviews and it gets rave reviews. The only bummer on this day was that the sun was shining and they didn’t have outdoor seating, but not to worry, they have huge windows, so you can still experience all the sun.

When you first walk in you enter what seems like a coffee shop, and a sign that says “Wait to be Seated” with a sign in and no one in sight except for the barista, who pretends your not there. Very Portland, don’t be offended, just do what it says.

Once in, [Read more...]

Laurelthirst Public House

Breakfast Burrito from Laurelthirst Public House

2958 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR
(503) 232-1504
Laurelthirst Public House

*This review is based on brunch only*

I got invited by Paul Gerald, author of Breakfast in Bridgetown.  He was doing some dive bars and I thought chances are I would never try one of these places, so I might as well give it shot with a couple of people and see what the place is about.

Laurelthirst is very much a dive bar. The first thing I noticed upon entering is they have 18 beers on tap. It was breakfast, so [Read more...]

The Blue Pig – Closed

The Eggs Benedict special of the week.

2028 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR
The Blue Pig

There are so many things that drew me to the Blue Pig. I love my bennies and they have 4 on the menu, plus they have a weekly bennie special. We, mostly my husband, love hashes and they had 5-6 hashes on the menu. What pushed me over the top and had me actually making the trek down today was the [Read more...]

Pink Rose

Come on down to this hidden gem.

1300 NW Lovejoy
Portland, OR
Pink Rose

*Make sure you read all the way to the bottom as there is a coupon attached*

I always love finding a hidden gem, and had I not been tipped off by one of my readers, I would have never known about this place. When I say hidden, I mean hidden. This restaurant is underneath the Office Max in the Pearl. Who knew?

As you walk in you feel like you have literally entered a different world, with it’s very own [Read more...]

Fat Milo’s Family Kitchen in Sherwood

Check out that huge chunk of Smoked Salmon.

16147 SW Railroad St
Sherwood, OR
(503) 925-3551
Fat Milo’s

With so many places to try right in Portland, hitting some of the suburbs is sometimes a challenge.  I finally made my way to Fat Milo’s in Sherwood. We went with friends who had been several times and enjoy it.

It was nice to get there a little later on a Sunday, just in time for breakfast. We cut it close, but we were able to still order breakfast. There were many scrumptious things on the menu, but as always, [Read more...]

Birthday Month Giveaway Celebration Continues

Eggs Bennie in the front and FoPo in the back.

You asked for it, here it is, our next giveaway.

The Egg Carton has to be one of my all time favorite Food Carts. I know there are a lot to choose from, but let me explain why. This is a family run food cart by Sarah and Tim. They take great pride in fantastic food and they are know for great customer service. We have been several times and I agree, they have great customer service, like seriously, they come out and check on you and the food is fabulous. Not only that but your meals are served on real [Read more...]

Yes, More Giveaways

This is a new comer to my favorites list. I love the story behind The Slide Inn. The owner Eugen, had spent some time in Europe years ago and had learned to cook there. His wife is vegan and vegetarian and together they opened The Slide Inn. They also boast a great gluten free menu.

I have only been in for Brunch, but I have been eying [Read more...]

Eating My Way Thru Hood River

One of our favorite out of town getaways, that’s also close, is Hood River. There is something for everyone.  We love the food, the beer, great wine, hikes, bike rides and water sports.  That’s just the beginning of what Hood River has to offer.

Hood River offers so many great places to eat, so we really have to think about a schedule. Yes we are that bad. We plan our day around our meals. We try to get in the right amount of walking and hiking so we can keep on eating. Here is where we ate ::

Country Girl Cherry, Chorizo & Goat Cheese Pizza. Voted best pizza in Washington state by Food Network Magazine.

Solstice Wood Fire Cafe – This was our first time crossing the river into Bingen, WA to try some food. Wow, it was worth the $1 toll bridge fee to get over there, plus what a great view of Mt. Hood.  UPDATE: Solstice has moved across the river into Hood River. They are located on the Riverfront. The food is wood fired, even the dessert.  They are known for their pizza. As a matter of fact [Read more...]

Birthday Month Celebration with Multiple Giveaways

3 Eggs Benedict with Veggie Patties. Pure goodness.

That’s right Giveaways. Stay tuned all month as I will be showcasing some of my favorite places to eat and an opportunity for you to win a free meal. I have places in Salem,  NE Portland, SE Portland and Lake Oswego. Check back here often or even follow me on Twitter or Facebook as I will be adding new giveaways throughout the month and announcing winners.

Without further ado I give you my most favorite breakfast place of all time. [Read more...]

Jamison for Brunch

Steak hash with brussel sprouts and cauliflower. This photo is not edited. The yolk was that yellow.

900 NW 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
503 972-3330

I had been to this restaurant one other time when it was Fenouli. We had drinks outside and somehow I had never wandered inside. I was struck by how beautiful this place is. Old barn wood covers the high walls, chandaleirs hung in bird cages provide the lighting. Huge doors open up in the summer to let in the warm sun at it offers a view of Jamison park.  The bar has bar stools that seem extra large and high giving a great view of the chefs cranking out some awesome creations. Yep, the atmosphere alone won me over.

Before we left I checked out the menu online and I was excited, to say the least to try this place, already making [Read more...]

Slide Inn

Zwetschkenschmarrn. An Austrian pancake that is fabulous.

2348 SE Ankeny
Portland, OR
Slide Inn

I love when I discover a new place that is on a street I have never been on. That’s also what I truly love about Portland. I feel like every time I go out and try a new place, it’s a complete adventure! Today, was no exception.

Slide Inn is off of Ankeny, in an up and coming area. There are empty lots, brand new condos followed by run down buildings and tucked in between all of that you find some great eateries, like Slide Inn. It’s those places that make me happy.

We got there for their weekend brunch, right when the doors opened.  We were greeted by the owner. I love talking to owners. They are passionate about something on the menu, [Read more...]

Favorite Eats of 2012


Eggs Benedicts with Pastrami of course at Kenny & Zukes

Favorite BreakfastWord of Mouth of course. If I had to choose a Portland destination I would choose Kenny and Zukes Pastrami or Corned Beef Hash.

Favorite Find -  The burger at Yakuza Lounge. The sushi was pretty awesome as well.  Great find!

Favorite Lunch - Jade Teahouse. I wish it was closer, I would definitely go more often.

Favorite Dinner - Oven and Shaker. I love that they have seasonal rotating pizzas. My latest was the winter squash pizza.

Favorite Out of Town Food Destination – Still Hood River. Great food, great beer and also lots of wine.

Favorite Beer – Double Mountain. I love that they started bottling this year and we can now have even at home.

Favorite Burger – The Sicily Burger from Tree’s.

Favorite Food CartThe Egg Carton. Although my husband would choose Rip City.

What are your favorites?


Griddled Muffin. Yep!

5222 SE 52nd Ave
Portland, OR

Seriously???  I was just reading that Toast has been around since 2007.  Wow, I’m late to the party.

We wanted to try a new place to celebrate my father in laws birthday. After much research I decided this menu would please everyone.

Toast is a neighborhood diner. It looks like a hole in the wall restaurant, but inside it’s a charmer. Every.single.item we saw coming out was [Read more...]


3957 North Mississippi Avenue
Portland, OR
503- 287-8800


I hope I don’t let anyone down, but….I didn’t order any gravy.

That’s ok though, because this place is great with or without gravy.

The first thing that jumped off the page to me was the Corned Beef Hash. I had also read ahead of time that this was supposed to be great. My husband agreed that a hash sounded good so he ordered the Smoked Salmon Hash.

To say the servings are large is a gross understatement. [Read more...]

Nel Centro

Pizza of the Day!

1408 SW 6th St.
Portland, OR
503 484 1099
Nel Centro

I know what you are thinking….What took me so long to get to this place to review it?  I don’t know. I just know I am glad we finally made it.

We went on a Sunday and barely enjoyed a great brunch. Literally we got there 5 minutes before they closed that menu. Things looked so good we ordered quickly….before our kids got there.  Yeah, we are bad parents.

Even though the afternoon was hot, we sat outside and they put up umbrellas for us.  With a Mimosa in hand I was ready to sit back and relax. [Read more...]

The Egg Carton

The Egg Carton on SE Foster

5205 SE Foster Rd.
Portland, OR
The Egg Carton

I have seen write ups about this food cart so I knew I needed to try it myself.  I do love Eggs Benedict and it was on the menu and it was receiving great reviews. I needed to find out for myself how good it was. Since I was dragging my husband along I checked the menu and reviews to find a second option to order and knew it was the FoPo Cristo.

The Eggs Benedict were really good. The Hollandaise sauce had a hint of lemon that just makes it [Read more...]

The Waffle Window

Feasting at the Waffle Window

3610 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, OR
(503) 239-4756
The Waffle Window

If you head over to my Facebook page you will see that my cover picture is of the Waffle Window, funny thing is, I have never reviewed it.  The fact that I went back should speak volumes.

I do love the Waffle Window. It’s that place on Hawthorne that you take out of town guests. You get a good feel of SE Portland and you get some great food.

I talked my friend into going even though she assured me that she did not like waffles. [Read more...]

Jam on Hawthorne


Jam on Hawthorne

2239 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214
Jam on Hawthorne


I won’t lie, I have heard mixed reviews on this place. But when a place has waits up to 30 minutes even after they have expanded to a much larger place, you need to find out what all the hubbub is about. We wanted to go for breakfast even though they are open all day.

I was hoping for some kind of benedict, but they don’t have any on the menu, they only have them as specials on the weekends, and even then just sometimes.

Don’t worry, I also like Corned Beef Hash. Since that was on the menu it was a no brainer. Wanting to try more, we questioned our server, who told us that we could order single serving of things in order to sample more items. [Read more...]

The Best of Hood River

We just spent a weekend in Hood River. If you are a foodie and love the outdoors then you will love this little town. We have stayed here often and we have driven through and stopped just as many times.  We love Hood River.

We’ve been here enough that we have favorites, but this time we decided to try and hit up the rest of the places that we had not been to you. So sit back as I give you a quick run down of what Hood River has to offer for the foodies.

Fish Tacos from Brian’s Pourhouse

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Pine State Biscuits

The Reggie Deluxe

3640 SE Belmont ST
Portland, OR
Pine State Biscuits

Update:: Belmont is closed. Now Pine State Biscuits is located on SE Division and also on NE Alberta.

If you are a lover of this place, then I apologize up front. This is not my kind of place. But in all fairness I will give you all the great details.

Pine State Biscuits is a very, very, very small building with limited seating. We just so happen [Read more...]

Modern Love – Closed

Love the look of this coffee shop

1720 NW Lovejoy Street, Suite 121
Portland, OR.
Modern Love


There are a few things that always make a place stand out. Great food of course, good location, but also good customer service. Modern Love is so much about customer service we were, shall I say it, feeling the love.

What we didn’t know at first was, [Read more...]

Lovejoy Bakers

Great outdoor seating at LoveJoy Bakers

939 Northwest 10th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 208-3113
Lovejoy Bakers

Saturday was a day that we just wanted to drink coffee and tea, grab a quick bite and do some people watching. For those of us that aren’t fortunate enough to live in Portland, this is a Saturday morning treat. [Read more...]

Emanon Cafe – Closed

1000 Northwest 17th Ave
Portland, OR
Emanon Cafe

One thing I do enjoy is trying new places. Yes, I do find places that I love and return, but sometimes the newness wins me over. But you have to be ready for disappointment, just in case, but also be ready to be wowed!! You never know when you try something new, do you?

I shared a few weeks back that they way I can afford to try different places is by using group buying sites like Groupon and Living Social. I also shared that day how I was purchasing my Groupon to Emanon Cafe.

Rarely do my food Groupons sit for very long and that was the case with Emanon Cafe.  I just couldn’t wait to cash it in and try some new food.

My research ahead of time had shown me that they had eggs benedict, huevos rancheros and pancakes. I knew with a line up like that, that we would both be happy with something. [Read more...]

Return Visit to Word of Mouth

The first time I went down I was blown away by the amazing food, the affordable prices and the HUGE portions. I was just thinking they needed to upgrade their tea. I wrote about it and the owner contacted me and acted on my suggestion. Since then she has ordered Two Leaves and Bud tea. Apparently since getting it in, it has been a huge hit with customers.

The owner wanted me to come back and check out the new tea selection. She had also read my About page and knew I liked anything pork. She wanted to make her favorite pork dish for me. What’s not to love about that?

I finally made my way back to Word of Mouth in Salem. [Read more...]

Veritable Quandary for Breakfast

Crab Eggs Benedict

1220 Southwest 1st Avenue
Portland, OR 97204-3201
(503) 227-7342
Veritable Quandary

Last summer we made our way down for a breakfast out on the patio at Veritable Quandary, or as the locals call it, VQ. This place is so well done on the inside, but the patio is the place to be. When the sun is shining in Portland there is no place I would rather be, and I plan on enjoying that sunshine by eating outside every chance I can get.

Since last summer we have been thinking about our return trip, just waiting for the sun to finally come out, which it did for a few days.

Before I get into this review too much let me first say, we love this place, we will be back because of the food, but [Read more...]

It’s a Coffee Shop That Also Brews Beer

Caramel Latte from Baristadors

11136 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97219
(503) 206-5234

By noon today I had indulged in a breakfast sandwich, drank an In-House brewed beer and had a latte to wash it all down, thanks to my Groupon. [Read more...]

Alameda Cafe

Eggs Benedict.

4641 NE Fremont St
Portland, OR 97213-1723
(503) 284-5314
Alameda Cafe

It’s been around for years. As of April 16, 2011, they will no longer be open for dinner. The owner was ready, after all these years, to not be serving  3 meals a day. They will be open for breakfast and lunch.

Lucky for us we showed up for breakfast. We had stopped by and looked at the menu after we visited Bumblekiss a few weeks earlier and knew we wanted to give it a try. [Read more...]

Fat City

7820 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97219
Fat City Cafe

Fat City in Multnomah Village


Let me just preface this whole review by saying this is NOT my kind of breakfast Place, but I have nothing bad at all to say about Fat City.

I like the fancy schmancy breakfast places with creative fare and impressive eggs benedicts. I am not a huge fan of diner breakfast food and that is just what Fat City is.

BUT… [Read more...]

Word of Mouth

140 17th Street Northeast
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 930-4285
Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth in Salem, OR

Sunrise Mimosa. If you have to start a Saturday with a drink, you might want to start with this one. Peach, raspberry and orange juice mimosa. Amazing! [Read more...]

Bijou Cafe

Bijou Cafe Downtown Portland

132 Southwest 3rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 222-3187
Bijou Cafe


I am not a huge breakfast person, but my husband is, and lately we have been hitting a fair amount of breakfast places and I am starting to enjoy it.

Let me tell you what it is I really enjoy though. At home I make eggs, bacon or sausage and toast. So if I go out it needs to be something I won’t take the time to make and special, especially since I have to pay a pretty penny for it.

Today I actually talked my husband into going out to breakfast by suggesting we go to Veritable Quandary. Just so you know, they only serve breakfast on the weekends. As we were walking away someone that was going to to work there suggested we try Bijou Cafe.

Heck we had already paid for parking so we might has well try something, and anything new is always on my list.

We made our way over to Bijou Cafe. It’s a cute little shop on the corner. [Read more...]

The Best Cinnamon Roll in Portland


Updated ::  6 May ’11

We have started a search for the best cinnamon roll in Portland. We found after today we have some work ahead of us.

Here’s how it came about. My friend Wendy sent out an email to me and another friend, Rose, and said we needed to hit a few shops and rate cinnamon rolls. She had me at “cinnamon roll.” [Read more...]

Cadillac Cafe

Veggie Omelet

Veggie Omelet

1801 Northeast Broadway Street
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 287-4750
Cadillac Cafe

It seems we have been on a bit of a breakfast kick lately. It’s my husbands favorite meal to eat out, so we take advantage of opportunities. Today he had to run downtown to take care of business. So I did what any supportive wife would do, I road along.

We have been going to Cadillac Cafe for years. As a matter of fact my in laws were going there before they even were at the new location and they have been at the “new” location for years and years.It’s our go to place for a perfect breakfast and for incredible service. You will not be disappointed at all with this place.

[Read more...]

Bumblekiss for Breakfast

It’s All True

3517 Northeast 46th Avenue
Portland, OR 97213-1025
(503) 282-6313

We just went there, I mean literally we just got home and I can still taste the garlic in my mouth from the pesto on my Eggs Benedict.

Bumblekiss is located in the Beaumont Village of Portland. It is so small. I think I counted 7 tables inside. They did have a tent set up outside, but there weren’t using it.  In the summer the tent is gone and it’s all outdoor seating.

[Read more...]

My View on Tea

What Tea Are You Being Served?

I know, really deep subject huh? But hear me out on this one, because I actually think I might be onto something. [Read more...]

Cafe Du Berry

6439 Southwest Macadam Avenue
Portland, OR 97239
(503) 244-5551
Cafe Du Berry

Cafe Du Berry has been our list for a very long time.  We stumbled upon it one day when we were waiting for Porcelli’s to open. We walked down, saw it was very crowded and looked at the menu and knew at that moment we needed to try it.

I checked out Urbanspoon  and saw that it got great reviews.

We finally made our way down. The French toast had been written up several times and the comments on it were over the top. So we knew we would order that.

And you know me, the lover of Eggs Benedict, so I ordered that. Their site said, “The wild mushroom omelets, thick French toast and eggs Benedict are truly memorable.” So I knew that the Eggs Benedict would be a good choice.

[Read more...]


6500 Southwest Virginia Avenue
Portland, OR 97239-3504
(503) 245-2260

Don’t miss this gem of a place!!!

We went here because we had a Restaurants.com coupon.(if you see this coupon grab it because they go quickly.) We had no idea what we were getting into. All we knew is we had to order $35 worth of food to get $25 off. Sounds easy, well it wasn’t. It was priced so well, the two of us had to order 3 entrees and 2 drinks and a side of something. But we finally got the price up there.

Eggs Benedict

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